I Will Be Happy With This Next Shiny Object

I don’t recall being obsessed with having more things but I have certainly being guilty of thinking happiness is something that comes from possessions or having what I want.

This thief takes me back to when I was 5 or 6 years old.

I was on the passenger seat (Yes, I was big enough to safely ride it), and my grandpa was driving. After a few minutes I noticed my grandpa forgot to take a turn. The turn to the usual cafeteria to buy me a soda. Once confirmed, I immediately threw a tantrum and started kicking around until I hit the fuse box and the car immediately shut down.

Obviously, I was unhappy!

While I can say I have outgrown this phase of life, I believe we all know someone that hasn’t.

I share this story because at that specific moment my happiness depended on having a customary soft drink. And it is this belief that we tend to carry with us as we become adults.

This belief is the thief of consumption.

The belief that we can buy or acquire happiness from the outside world.

Learning The Power of Choosing to Be Content

We have already covered solutions to the thieves of control, conceit, and coveting. Today’s solution is choosing contentment.

This solution is a little tricky to explain because we have been programmed our entire lives to think happiness is driven by external factors. I admit that when life is beating the crap out of me, it’s very challenging to choose to be happy, regardless. That said, it’s totally possible to welcome the situation and be at peace with what it brings.

5 Thoughts on Learning to Choose Contentment.

  1. Recognize that your perception of the situation is what drives how you feel about it. And your feelings will drive how you behave and operate.
  2. Just for a moment, detach yourself from the outcome you are looking for and focus your energy on experiencing the present.
  3. The rich person is not the one that has the most things, but the one that needs the least.
  4. Pause and ask yourself: “How likely am I to have no place to sleep tonight, be hungry for the next few days, or be killed by dangerous situation?” If you have these necessities secured, why are you complaining?
  5. “Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like & celebrating it for everything that it is.” – Mandy Hale

I’m not a positive person by nature. What helps me to get back to a peaceful mindset is to remember I already have all the basic needs covered and everything else is a blessing.





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