5 Steps To Build A Leadership Culture

It’s so simple that not many people do it.

When I finished Mark Miller’s new book, Leader Made Here, I thought to myself “doesn’t everyone know this already? And then, it came to me…

The biggest leadership gap is the one between knowing and doing.

I’ll give you the five (5) steps quickly:

  1. Define it
  2. Teach it
  3. Practice it
  4. Measure it
  5. Model it

Now, here’s my translation.

  1. Make it your own. I don’t care how you define leadership or which words you use. Having a consistent and unified definition is what matter most. It’s the foundation for what is to come.
  2. Provide a training food court. A food court no only has different food flavors offerings; but also, different formats. The same applies to teaching leadership. We need varied forms of training methods.
  3. Have the guts to let others lead. It amazes me how often the so called “leaders” expect new leaders to get it right the first time. There’s a necessary progression of responsibility and competence. And the only way that can happen is if we give others a chance to practice and learn.
  4. Find a metric that matters to you. Maybe it’s measuring the number of your individuals ready to take a leadership role; or the speed of decision making. What matters is to find a measurement that applies to the culture you are trying to create.
  5. For heaven’s sake, be the example. Very few things irk me more than someone that’s fails to live by what they claim to know. The world is supersaturated with the “I know people.” Never forget the law of the picture: people do what people see.

I understand these aren’t groundbreaking ideas. Yet, common knowledge is no longer common practice. Maybe before dismissing the steps, we should take a moment to objectively determine whether we have been following them.

A leadership culture is the result of consistent behaviors that systematically select and develop leaders.

How good is your current leadership culture?




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