Let Me Use My Strengths And I’ll Work 24/7. No Questions Asked.

This is happened to me 3 years ago and it is something that has repeated many times since then.

What follows is an excerpt of the original writing from March 2014 with a few updates.

Learner is my 4th strength. This means I’m constantly looking to learn something new.

I was working on a relatively small pricing assumption. While I already had reasonable results, I wanted to better understand our revenue data. Thus, I started looking at our records to try come up with simple formulas to determine the type of Medicare member based on the revenue information.

I pulled data for different scenarios and went through several iterations of formulas. I kept getting 95% of the way there but couldn’t figure it out. In the process, what started as a 30 minute quick learning moment became a 10 hour marathon from 9pm to 7am.

I even forgot I was taking vacation the next morning. Who chooses to sleeps less during vacation?

Was it worth it? Yes and No. Yes, because I got to learn about our revenue data and gave me some ideas on how to do it next time. No, because the assumption is relatively small compared to the big picture of pricing a Medicare plan. Especially, when I already had reasonable results.

Has something like this happened to you? Did you notice the time? How about the amount of hours? Or the vacation time spent working?

Situations like this one happen to me regularly. And every time is due to a subject I’m passionate about or is related to my strengths.

My point is that when we find something that plays to our strengths it doesn’t matter how tired we are, we get energized from that specific activity.


What are your strengths? What gives you energy? What drains you? Are you letting others use their strengths?





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