Success Is Not Enough


We like to brag about our titles, salaries, possessions, and awards but how have those made the world better?

The picture above and the quote carry more meaning to me than my diplomas and work accolades. They reflect a journey that started with me getting “fired” from my role and cast aside.

The banner to my left is the emblem of the event in which I was certified as a John Maxwell Team coach, speaker, and trainer. It’s the starting point of a journey that lead me to directly impacting the lives of dozens of people. Something I would have never done without finding my “why.”

Here’s a question for you, “If I watch the movie of your successful life, in addition to yours, who’s life got better because of what you accomplished?”

Rather than repeating all the classic ideals about how we all have unique talents and a purpose meant to help the world, I’ll just list a few examples of things I have done or testimonials given to me since I chose to achieve purposeful success.

  • I started leading a weekly personal development discussion group and have grown it from 6 to over 50 regular participants.
  • I was part of #TransformationParaguay and helped train over 15,000 facilitators to help change their country’s culture.
  • Many have shared with me how my words and life’s stories have changed their lives for the better.

These examples aren’t huge accomplishments but they are significant. You miss all the context behind them and I don’t have enough room here to share it.

Those examples can’t describe…

  1. How it feels to find myself doing something I thought myself incapable of doing months before.
  2. The moment when I realized that sharing from the heart was more powerful than using political correctness.
  3. The sense of fulfillment to hear someone else telling me “6 months ago I didn’t know if I was going to live, but today, you gave me a reason to do so.”

I don’t know what is your purpose. I don’t know your beliefs around success. But I do know John Maxwell is absolutely right when he says, once you have tasted significance, success does not satisfies.

Maybe the concept of finding your why or combining purpose with success is too abstract for you.

Here’s a practical way to take action: “How am I going to use my strengths, talents, and knowledge to improve the lives of others?”

Let me know how I can be of service.




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