4 Ideas To Make Quick Decisions

I suggest you watch the video above first to understand the inspiration’s origin.

The ideas I share are a work in progress and relevant to my experience from the last 6 months.

To paraphrase Napoleon Hill, highly successful people make decisions quickly and stick with them.

What I think we all want to know is how can we make decisions quickly?

This may be a little long but I think the two stories give perspective to my four (4) tips at the end of the blog.

The Before & After

My top strength is deliberative. It means I spend a lot of time thinking about the “right” thing to do and act only when I’m sure what I’m doing has a purpose.

This personal trait shows up with:

  • Extensive Pros and Cons lists
  • Many return on investment comparisons
  • Days of reading consumer reviews
  • Analyzing multiple scenarios
  • Thorough consideration to the needs of those affected
  • “Perfect” preparation

Exhibit A – Purchasing a Lawn Mower
I took 18 months just to decide I was going to replace my reel mower with an electric or gas mower. I continued with several months of research in order to decide to buy a battery powered lawn mower.

After reading hundreds of reviews and visiting several hardware stores, I ended with a $400 toy. I was pleased.

That is until I tried it and found out the battery would only last 25 minutes. I went back to Lowe’s to return it and ended with a $200 corded lawn mower that works perfectly.

All that time and money to get it wrong, anyway!

Exhibit B – Organizing A Leadership Conference
About a month ago, I came up with the idea of organizing a leadership conference open to anyone in my place of employment. Not just for those in leadership positions but anyone who wants to attend.

Keep in mind a few items:

  • The company regularly promotes leadership principles.
  • While there are plenty of resources available to anyone, the focus is mainly on those in leadership roles.
  • Company wide events are expected to be fully aligned to a common messaging strategy.
  • I’m not an executive of the company.
  • I don’t have a budget. And,
  • I have never done this type of project before.

Consider how I would apply my “deliberative” strength in this situation.

I bet you want to know how long it took me to make the decision. It took me less than one hour spread over 2-3 weeks.

For years, I had waited for a formal leadership conference to happen at work, I just never thought it would be me doing it.

From the moment the idea came to my awareness to the moment I decided to do it, I spent less than one hour consciously thinking about it. And to be transparent, the 6 items above didn’t even come to mind before I made the decision.

Now, how in the world did that happen?

How Did I Do It?

The short answer is instinct. But, I know that’s not practical so I’ll attempt to summarize the key milestones.

  1. I took time to know myself. I have been preparing myself for the last 3 years. Paraguay was my first test. I have been defining my life’s purpose, identifying my values, discovering my passions, evolving my strengths, and acknowledging my weaknesses. In short, I have invested time welcoming where I am and who I want to become.
  2. I listened to my soul. This is step #1 on steroids. The ideas coming from my soul generate excitement, passion, and are felt around my heart. The ideas coming from the mind carry a negative vibe and generate stress on my neck and shoulders. I chose to go with my heart and ignore logic.
  3. I can figure it out. I have come to realize I can learn how to do something or I can find someone that knows. The how is not important.
  4. I have a purposeful vision. Ultimately, the decision to organize the conference was based on its alignment with my life’s purpose. My purpose to come up with ways to challenge self-limiting beliefs that stop individuals from pursuing the best version of themselves.

In the beginning of the year, I decided 2017 to be the year I would walk towards my purpose regardless of the consequences. I think that is exactly what I’m doing.


What has been the most amazing outcome from my decision is how quickly and effortlessly the resources started to show up.

The big items have already been addressed and scheduled. It only took 3 weeks and 1 meeting. Go figure!

I have no idea how this story ends. What I do know is the best is yet to come.

I hope this helps.



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