Think Leadership – Tip #10 – My Rules Don’t Work For You

When I started blogging in 2013, I came up with this idea of a #ThinkLeadership Series. After a long break, I’m sharing this quick thought about individualization.

I heard Neil deGrasse Tyson say something I found very interesting. Here’s the clip, you only need to listen for 20 seconds or so.

This reminded me of an idea I have been thinking about for some time.

We Share The Same Elements But We Are Still Different Galaxies With Different Rules

Yes, the laws of physics appear to be applicable across the universe but that doesn’t change the fact that all solar systems and galaxies have distinct rules.

I have found it very interesting how we all have similar wants:

  • A need to be meaningful
  • A sense of belonging
  • A desire to demonstrate we are competent
  • The need to feel in control

I consider these the “sharing of the same elements and laws.”

Now, consider the numerous ways the laws of physics present themselves in the universe.

  • Solar systems with bigger planets closer to the sun. In comparison, our solar system has the bigger planets towards the end.
  • The many forms of galaxies.
  • Solids vs. liquid vs. gaseous planets.
  • Counter-clockwise vs. clockwise rotation of planets.

Same laws of physics with infinite expressions of them.

This is very similar to how Individualization presents itself in people.

  • Introvert vs. Extrovert
  • Difference in what we value
  • Distinct talents
  • An infinite variety of experiences
  • Our passions and purpose

These characteristics form the “rules” by which we create our lives and experience the world. Same needs; different expressions.

These truths are part of the explanation when the advice I give someone doesn’t work for them.

When it comes to leading, who we are leading matters. The principles of leadership are the same. What changes is which ones apply to any given individual.

Thus, the next time you feel compelled to give advice or to apply what has worked for you before with someone, take a moment to consider the differences in their history, personality, values, and preferences.



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