#ToD – How Far Does Fear Take Your Leadership?


I think of the quote above and the question in the title of this post as a reflection of environments I have lived in and heard of.

I’m pretty sure that almost everyone will agree with Vince’s quote. At the same time, it’s impressive how many leaders use a version of fear to “lead.”

How many so called “leaders” do you see using fear related tactics to direct their teams?

  • The implications of losing your job after a mistake.
  • The pressure to always get the answer right.
  • The excessive use of titles and positions to get stuff done.
  • The plethora of policies to ensure employees are well behaved.
  • The constant power struggle and politics.

How far do these methods go to get full engagement?

I know that I give my least necessary when I am lead this way. I can’t even say that’s ‘leadership.’ In essence, I give my hands but I remove my heart.

What say you?

How far do you think fear will take you to lead a group of people towards a common goal in spite of all opposition that may show up along the way?


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What is your experience with this concept?

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