When’s The Last Time You Allowed Yourself to Play?

Learning lasts longer when we are having fun.


5 Things That Happened Before I Committed Myself to the Success of the Team

When it comes down to it, will you be ready to demote yourself for the better of the team?

Did I Really Lose Everything?

In the middle of chaos, we are quick to forget what matters most...it is not things.

If You Are A Confident Person Why Do You Need My Acceptance?

Psychologists say that most of our issues come from us wanting to be accepted by our parents. And, that our parents have issues based on their search for acceptance from their parents; and, so on. I can’t deny there is truth in those statements. Have you ever encountered a person that appears to be very... Continue Reading →

Here is Why I Am Stuck

In the last 6 months I have had several people ask me why do I stay.

What You Want Is Not Convenient

Whenever a dream related idea appears, the time is never right.

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