5 Thing To Consider Before Saying “I Should Be A Leader”

I'm ready to lead...says who? ...your experience? ...your knowledge? ...your degree? ...your performance? I must confess when I became a "leader", I wasn't ready at all. I actually sucked at it. I didn't really start leading until 2012. And yet, I had direct reports since 2007. I hear many people asking to lead because of... Continue Reading →

As I prepare for a couple teaching gigs I have in the upcoming weeks, I ran into this quote by Churchill and it takes me back to the hotel lobby when I rejected a contract to play professional baseball. Why did I do that? It's simple. I didn't rise to the occasion. I can list... Continue Reading →

This quotes takes me back to my past. Those that know me a version of me from a decade ago would clearly remember my verbal explosions in meetings. I'm happy to report those happened significantly less nowadays. While everyone was quick to judge my emotional intelligence, including myself, no one ever took time to discover... Continue Reading →

Think Leadership – Tip #10 – My Rules Don’t Work For You

We all follow similar needs but with infinitely different expression of them.

My Obsession With Validation

The quest for validation can be a vicious cycle.

3 Questions To Make Leadership A Personal Experience

One reason the boss should hangout with the rank and file

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