The 4 Levels of Excuses

I'm still working on this lesson but I'll share it anyway. Feel free to suggest improvements, additions, or objections. It is inspired by words from my mentor Paul Martinelli. As I have developed my leadership skills, I have realized there are several levels of excuses. Each level more clever than the previous one. Paul's statement... Continue Reading →


It’s Time For Your Memorial Service

There are times in which our life needs a proper goodbye.

3 Questions to Consider When Adversity Keeps Knocking On Your Door

...a kick in the teeth may be the best thinking in the world for you. ~ Walt Disney In this post I am simply relaying advice I received from my mentor Paul. It is very common for us to play victim when life is hitting us hard. We deem it unfair, wrong, or mean. We... Continue Reading →

#ToD – The 1st Thing That Happens When We Decide to Grow Ourselves

We go out of our way to external things. But when it comes our passions and dreams, we seem to succumb to any type of opposition.  

#ToD – How Far Does Fear Take Your Leadership?

I think of the quote above and the question in the title of this post as a reflection of environments I have lived in and heard of. I'm pretty sure that almost everyone will agree with Vince's quote. At the same time, it's impressive how many leaders use a version of fear to "lead." How... Continue Reading →

Our Obsession With Letting The Few Define The Whole

One event is not a significant sample in order to get to know someone.

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