Greatness Is Not Your Destiny

In order to make room for who we must become, we must let go of our past life.


#JobLoss: Relative to the World, My Drama Doesn’t Matter

We commonly make the mistake to think others should pay attention to our problems.

#JobLoss: What Would You Do If You Are Asked to Reduce Compensation Expenses?

There are better ways to save money than to remove those who have been with the company for a long time.

#JobLoss: It’s Okay To Talk To Me About It

Many are nice but few actually help.

#JobLoss: I Cannot Blame Them For Doing It

Eliminating someone's job can be an easy decision when dealing with survival

#JobLoss: I’m Happy to Inform You…

Losing your job is a challenging thing. Taking responsibility for it, may sound a little crazy.

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